Isle of Dogs
Release date
March 23, 2018

Isle of Dogs is a stop-motion animated film written and directed by Wes Anderson, and co-written by Roman Coppola, Jason Schwartzman and Kunichi Nomura. The movie takes place in a dystopian Japanese future.


In 11th Century Japan, dogs run free through the streets until they're under attack by the leaders of the Kobayashi dynasty which launched a ruthless attack on the dogs. On the verge of total annihilation of all canines, a young samurai who was sympathetic to the dogs betrayed the clan and assassinated its leader, leaving the few remaining dogs to survive and multiply.

20 years into the future in Megasaki Prefecture, the region is plagued by an outbreak of canine flu, and the prefecture is run by Kenji Kobayashi a descendant of the Kobayashi dynasty who vows to send all dogs onto an island used to dispose of trash. The 12-year-old orphaned nephew of the mayor, Atari Kobayashi personally vows to recover his own pet guard dog, while others in the vicinity uncover a conspiracy by the mayor to prevent the dogs from receiving a cure for their ailments, let a lone a return from Trash Island.

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